Sunday, 24 April 2016

Still Tired.

Much of the afternoon was spent trying to pull together a press mailout for my Brighton Fringe show.

I got there in the end, thanks to a little assistance from my wife. It's nice to have help, as I've sent so many press releases out over the years that I almost cease to see the point in doing it. It's useful when it comes to promoting Mostly Comedys with high profile line-ups, but there's much less impact when you're just promoting yourself. It's hard to create interest, or to find the time to a publicise what you're doing properly, when there's so much other stuff to be done as well, like writing and rehearsing your show in the first place.

Now the mailout's completed for the most part, I can focus on what needs to be done for the show. I was suitably enthused by my Bath 'Work in (Hope of) Progress' dates, as they gave me a positive sense of moving on with my stand-up; to paraphrase a well know 60s song, "It's getting better all the time". Well, it couldn't get much worse.

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