Friday, 29 April 2016

Working Woking.

A man in the audience at tonight's Joke in the Box told me he'd seen me play Buddy Holly in the theatre across the road; IN WOKING, NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN.

In a way, I hope that some of what I did tonight will be. I was on first, and while my set started well, it tapered off towards the end. I kicked off by remarking on how the harsh spotlight I was performing in made me feel like I was recreating the cover of 'Band on the Run'; a niche, yet appropriate reference that at least hit the ground running. This spotlight ended up conspiring against me, however, as it was very hard to judge where on stage I was properly lit. The emcee had unwittingly stood in near-darkness at the top of the show, so I tried to compensate by moving further stage-left, but couldn't get comfortable. The sound was also a little muddy; I spent the whole set trying to find the sweet spot on the mic that enabled me to be heard. I got so caught up in working out how to purse my lips that I lost energy and focus. Such is life.

Before the gig, I had a nice chat with the comic who runs the club: the lovely Jay Cowle. He's a generous, warm-hearted chap with a gentle, self-deprecating manner that reminds me of me and Glyn. I like his style, and the fact he isn't afraid to be honest. He clearly cares about comedy; but enough of the personality analysis.

I made a swift exit after my set, guiltily, to make a headstart on the homeward journey. I'm currently on the train back from King's Cross, which should get me home before 11pm, which is impressive, considering I was on stage two hours ago. On the underground I spotted the following 'tube face', with a suitably Macca-like pout; what with this and the Band on the Run-style spotlight, it seems I can't escape my Wings-themed evening...which suits me. 

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