Saturday, 9 April 2016

Bathe Me, Clean Me, Any Way You Want Me.

Tonight, I didn’t have a show, as no-one came to see it.

This isn’t as bleak as it may read at first glance. Firstly, I barely slept last night, so I wasn’t exactly feeling match-fit. Also, I had the chance to run the show in the space, which made me feel more comfortable for tomorrow. I also got to set up at a leisurely rate, which is always good when you have an elaborate tech set-up (the word ‘elaborate’ is a little hyperbolic, but I’m now on the outside of one and a half espresso martinis and a glass of prosecco, after enjoying a lovely meal in an Italian restaurant with my wife and Stephen (who couldn’t finish his espresso martini due to an amaretto allergy; the most middle class sentence you’ve ever read). It made for a nice release after a long day, and a nicely sociable evening.

Me, setting up, like.
I’m raring to go for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting my new material out in the open and trying it out. It’s a shame I won’t get two goes at it with an audience, but that’s okay. I’m optimistic about it. Sometimes, it’s just the way it goes, and I was up against a lot of competition tonight from other festival shows. At least I can write the whole thing off as a legitimate tax expense or a very expensive rehearsal. Why practise in my hometown of Hitchin when I can decamp to Somerset?

P.S. If you can spot Stephen's head, you get thirty points.


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