Saturday, 30 April 2016

Dull, Dull, Dull.

I don't have much to report today, which will sometimes inevitably be the case, when you write a daily blog. 

You can't always have something novel to share. That's not to say I haven't been doing things; I just don't feel they'll be of interest to the casual reader (or a sports-casual one, at that). 

One thing that did happen today was we decided to add an extra Mostly Comedy in July, to accommodate an Edinburgh preview or two. A couple of days ago, I was approached by an act that I know, who asked if it was possible to fit in a preview at the club that month. To cut a long story short, I said yes. It will happen the day before the July show that's already booked in, making it the first ever Hitchin Mostly Comedy to take place on a Wednesday - and the first example of a Mostly Comedy two-day stretch (though we did have a couple of London dates in the past that directly preceeded Hitchin ones). If it goes well, we may even entertain the idea of doing a few more shows in a row next Summer, but it's too early to pass extra comment on that. Either way, it shouldn't make for much extra work, as we'll essentially split a days' worth of a set-up across two gigs. 

One thing that disappointed me today was a lack of reaction to a joke I posted on Twitter:

Sometimes you're wasted on your own audience. 

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