Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Little Bit of Everything.

Today's been the dictionary definition of jam-packed.

(N.B. It's not literally the dictionary definition, but FUCK YOU. This is my newer, reworked, rowdier post Bath-Comedy-Festival self, and you've gotta LIVE WITH IT.)

(...I'll now step down from my pedestal.)

The day started with meeting Glyn for breakfast, which was nice, as it gave us the chance to catch up on what's been happening for us both in the past few weeks. I filled him in on my Bath Festival experience, which was for the most part good, and he filled me in on his current job hunt. The only slight frustration was we were pushed for time from the start as I had a doctor's appointment, so we resorted to talking in bullet points. Nevertheless, it was still a good thing to do.

After my appointment (which I won't relay, as there are limits), I went to the office to quickly look at a prospective set for a gig I was doing this evening (which I'm currently on the train back from as I write this: 'future me' is looking back at 'past me', working to aid 'future me'; this paragraph's an existential nightmare). Not only was I working over material; I also had to quickly read over the stories I intended to bring up in Sunday's radio show, which we also recorded today; as I said: "Jam-packed".

The topic for this week's show was 'fool', which gave us ample opportunity to relay the usual anecdotes about our awkward, idiotic selves. Steve and Glyn joined me in the office at 1:30pm, when we quickly set up to record, knowing we had to be done in time for me to catch the train into London at 6pm. We somehow managed to fit the recording in, which, despite being a little rushed, went well. Glyn didn't feel quite 'on it', but I felt it was better than our last show; we shall see when it goes out.

Once we'd finished the record, I quickly walked home with Stephen in tow (he'd parked by my flat, because he's cheeky like that). I quickly said hello to my wife and cat (who are one and the same), got changed, ran my set again, then sped to the station to catch the train.

The gig tonight went well, despite being in the not-so-good room to the other space at the venue where the show usually runs. I decided to roll out my old Spurs / Bleep Test material which I haven't touched for ages, to see how it felt on fresh ears. I thought it would be nice to see how some of my older stuff would work on a rereading, having focused so heavily on new material for Bath over the weekend. It wasn't too bad; I felt more relaxed than usual, which was partly thanks to my mostly positive 'Work in (Hope of) Progress' experience over the weekend. I got talking to a nice comic who happened to be from Stevenage originally too (something I'd name-dropped in my set), and lo-and-behold, he'd heard of our radio show, which is nothing short of a miracle; I told him he was probably the only person in existence outside of our immediate family to be aware of it. He also knew about Mostly Comedy and said nice things about it, which was good to hear. I enjoyed his set too, so hopefully he'll be at another gig soon.

As I mentioned a few stanzas back, I'm now on the train home. I'm feeling a strange mix of enthused and over-worked. The week's a busy one - I have a gig in Brighton tomorrow for starters - but there's a feeling of momentum. I don't want to overdo it though. At least I know we squeezed a lot of good things into today. As a wise person said to me once, "You use every cut of the meat". It's a strange analogy to apply to a pescetarian, but I appreciate the compliment".

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