Friday, 22 April 2016

Mainly Mostly.

Tonight's Mostly Comedy saw a lovely mix of acts doing great stuff, marred slightly by a few audience members deciding to leave early in a ball of distraction and disruptiveness, because they did like the final act.

That's the way a comedy night goes; not everyone will like everything. It was just a shame that decided to make their distaste so vocal, pulling focus so much as they left.

Outside of that, it was a nice gig. It was always going to be quieter, what with Henning Wehn having to move to a different date - but while the numbers were slightly down, they were a pretty responsive bunch.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was great to have our techie Paul back tonight at the helm. Our get-in was relaxed and completed in good time, thanks to his hard work. Glyn and I had the chance to get ready for the gig with relative comfort, which is in start contrast to usual. This can only be good. Now, it's time for bed as it's FAR TOO LATE. Good night y'all.

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