Sunday, 17 April 2016

IYIE #25

Predictably, I listened to tonight's episode of 'Doggett & Ephgrave: In Your Inner Ear' when it went out; primarily so I could tweet along the pictures that accompanied it.

I always feel slightly nervous before the broadcast; mainly because I can never quite remember what was said, or if I was any good on it. The show's recorded so quickly, you barely have the chance to consider it - and when it's a been a busy week like this one, it fills such a tiny fraction of your time for you to barely even consider it as you're doing it.

This can be positive, as the content often takes me by surprise when I listen back to it. Tonight, I genuinely laughed at a lot of it; not in a self-celibratory way; more because I didn't know what was coming next, bar the basic outline. There was the odd bit of cross-talk in places, which was frustrating, but funny lines frequently came up. I like the broad scope of our references (tonight's ranged from Pingu to...oh, I forget the rest: it's late).

One of the things I enjoyed the most, sadly, was discovering the show is definitely now broadcasting in stereo, which we had problems with in the past. I have the eccentric stereo mixing of the 1960s to thank for the clarity, as John Lennon's voice clearly starts in the right-hand speaker for the first verse of A Day in the Life, and the left in the last. i don't know what's worse: me knowing this in advance or being excited enough to text Glyn about it. Thankfully, he'd noticed it too; it turns out we're as anal as each other. Who'd have thunk it?

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