Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Obstacles. Bloody Obstacles.

As is often the case when I’ve had a good day working on my show, it is swiftly followed by a less productive one.

This was solely due to other things getting in the way. First off, this morning, I had to walk a massive dog; my mum’s dog, to be precise. I caught the bus to Stotfold to take him out, which I often do, as it saves my mum paying a dog-walker for one day a week, plus I get some exercise. Today, Barley - for it is he - was particularly keen to go out, and delighted to say hello to everyone we met on the way; including an 18-week-old sausage dog who didn't quite know what to make of the huge Digby-like beast who was so desperate to greet him; vive la différence. Yes, that's right: ‘French’.

After that, I spent the afternoon battling with a mobile phone provider that ironically started life in the self-same village. Or maybe I misremembered that. Either way, it made for an irritating distraction, which ate up far too much time and meant I got a lot less done. Let me state for the record that I hate Vodafone with every fibre of my being; I may even get that tattooed on my face.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be clearer and more conducive to doing some work. I was meant to be meeting Glyn in the morning and recording a new episode of ‘In Your Inner Ear’ in the evening, but I’ve had to postpone both so I can get more done. It will be good to have a day where I can work on my Bath setlist uninterrupted - though 'best laid plans', and all that.

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