Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday Night's Alright For Gigging.

I'm currently on the train back from a lovely gig at Guildford Gag House in - yes, you've guessed it - Guildford.

It was nice to do a set in a 'club' club, having done a lot of open mic gigs recently, to work up new material. The place was run like a tight ship, which was refreshing, and the room (which was in the back of a pub called the Star Inn) had a decent stage and a proper tech set-up. I suspect it doubles as a music venue, but to be honest, I haven't done my research.

I was on in the middle, between Tom Lucy and Mark Dolan, which was good for me logistically, as it meant I could nip off earlyish, which makes for a change after a week of late nights. I felt guilty for missing Mark's set, but I quickly said hello, to hopefully negate my inherent rudeness. I also had a good chat with Tom, who I haven't met before, and enjoyed his set; he's far to self-assured for someone I now realise is half my age; I'm officially decrepit.

My set went well, considering my brain's a bit shot. My wife came with me, which was great, as it's nice to have the company, particularly when you're not feeling your best. I was heartened when I saw how warmly the crowd received the MC Elf Lyons' stories; happy to listen and invest in them. It's good when people are happy to pick up on detail, which is a rarity when playing to a Saturday night crowd. It was a nice way to round off the week; now I'm going off-duty to eat an apple; rock 'n' bloody roll.  

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