Monday, 18 April 2016

Moaning Minnie (David).

Yet again, I've frazzled my brain with admin, rather than focusing on the things I'd rather prioritise on.

This always seems to be the case. Tonight, I've written press releases for the next few Mostly Comedys (I never know how to pluralise this) and pulled together a mailout to be sent to our mailing list in the morning. I wanted to get this out at the weekend, knowing it would increase sales for this week's show and raise awareness of the next few dates, but life got in the way. I long for the time when I'm not chasing my tail (in a metaphorical sense, as I'm essentially tail-less).

This happened at the expense of the two things I wanted to do this evening, which were (1) apply for the BBC New Comedy Competition (for which the deadline is midnight tonight) and (2) watch The X-Files with my wife (our current brain switch-off of choice). Predictably, neither happened. Bloody bastard bloody linear time.

Thankfully the whole day wasn't like this. This morning, my friend Rob drove to Hitchin to meet me for a coffee and a catch-up. I was looking forward to this all weekend, as it was the one pressure-free thing in my diary. It's always good to see him and we always have a laugh. He's a good chap, is Rob. Hopefully we'll meet up more often. This paragraph is about to fizzle out, but that's allowed. I make the rules here, right?

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