Monday, 31 October 2016

'University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Twelve (31.10.16)'

The overriding theme of tonight’s University Challenge for me - as my tweets will vouch for - was SOAS Edwards nauseous looking face.

Each time he found the confidence to raise his voice, he almost instantly had to hold back the contents of his stomach. To be fair, when faced with Jeremy Paxman’s trademark impatience, we’d all be the same; just ask any of the politicians he’s left in his post-Newsnight wake.

As ever, I gave tonight’s show a running Twitter commentary. Here’s what I said:

Durham Vs. SOAS (31.10.16)
8:02pm: Jeremy Paxman: so weary.

8:03pm: Because someone called Cressida WOULD come from Harrogate.

8:04pm: SOAS: Durham's parents.

8:05pm: Guillou has a slight air of shapeshifter about him.

8:06pm: Brophy's hair is thick and luxuriant.

8:07pm: SOAS's Edwards looks like a character played by Matt Smith.

8:08pm: Edwards looks like he's holding back a little sick.

8:09pm: Edwards is about to projectile vomit.

8:10pm: Holding back the bile: Edwards' post-answer face.

8:12pm: Stenner-Matthews was running so late on the day of recording, he forgot to pack his eyebrows.

8:14pm: Someone should introduce Durham's O'Connor to SOAS' Edwards: their equal edginess suggests they're made for each other.

8:15pm: Edwards looks like he's in dire need of a spittoon.

8:18pm: Edwards shouldn't have eaten that bad chicken.

8:19pm: Did Stenner-Matthews just say "sex" ?

8:19pm: Bostock is my favourite type of sealant.

8:21pm: Stenner-Matthews and Guillou are androids.

8:25pm: No-one has ever gone on #UniversityChallenge to have fun.

8:27pm: Edwards wishes he'd packed the Pepto Bismol.

8:29pm: As far as Jeremy Paxman is concerned, everyone else on the planet is tardy.

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