Sunday, 2 October 2016

Strictly Come Tweeting 2016: Week Two (01.10.16)

Shock! horror! I didn't see tonight's installment of Strictly Come Dancing live, as I was at a friend's wedding reception, and I could hardly get iPlayer up on my phone when I was there, now, could I? 

Instead, I watched the first hour with my wife when I got home, before having to bail out, due to tiredness; if I'd carried on to the end, I'd have struggled to stay awake. Despite not seeing it as it went out, I still tweeted along, though probably to less of an audience. See below for the first half's twitter ramblings; I'll do more tomorrow, no doubt. 

1) The good thing about watching #Strictly on catch-up is being able to fast-forward Tess Daly's links and the awkward VTs. (Armchair critic).

2) Tess said Ore should "pack his helmet" in the VT. Awkward.

3) Ore and Joanne, finally bringing back braces choreography to prime-time TV.

4) I've got cheese in my fridge older than AJ.

5) Nice to see Claudia and AJ facilitating use of the window from the film 'Annie'. #Strictly

6) Tess' dress looks like it was sliced in half by that laser that nearly put paid to Sean Connery in Goldfinger.

7) Len Goodman, mid-week, song list, graph paper, pencil, PUNS.

8) Tameka's routine was great.

9) Every time Len forgets to say "You came out" when giving feedback, a fairy dies.

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