Monday, 3 October 2016

'University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Ten (03.10.16)'

This week’s University Challenge was in many ways tamer than usual, when it came to playing that age-old spin-off game, Spot the Eccentric.

St. Andrews Vs. Worcester - Oxford (03.10.16)

That’s not to say that every contestant was straight-down-the-line; there’ll always be a few character quirks in evidence; St. Andrews’ wooly waistcoat-wearing Green, for example. See below for the tweets I posted whilst studying his - and everybody else’s - attire; these days, I barely listen to the questions. I think I’ve lost sight of what the programme’s supposed to be about; it's a fashion show, isn't it? Either that, or an exercise in community outreach.

8:01pm: Why is Jeremy Paxman's glass of

8:02pm: "Hi, I'm Toby Parker and I used to be the Fresh Prince."

8:03pm: "Hi, I'm Sam Garnett and I'm wearing one of the rollnecks from the front cover of the album With The Beatles."

8:04pm: Oxford's Williams is wearing a Magic Eye pullover.

8:07pm: St Andrews' Parker's hair is sponsored by Fido Dido / 7Up.

8:08pm: Williams is wearing early early early Eric Morecambe glasses.

8:08pm: Is St Andrew's Green wearing a wooly waistcoat? He is. He's wearing a wooly waistcoat.

8:09pm: Oxford's Garnett belongs in a mid-1950s coffee shop.

8:11pm: Williams' ponytail goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. It goes on and on.

8:12pm: As a sideline, Worcester's Barnett is a semi-professional mime.

8:13pm: There's nothing funny about the sentences "Nominate Wang", or Roger Tilling saying "Worcester Wang".

8:14pm: Worcester Wang is a breed of cow.

8:14pm: I'd like to see Worcester Wang Welly-Wanging in Worcester.

8:18pm: Put Vokes' hair on Barnett to create an early-60s George Harrison.

8:21pm: I'd like to use Parker's hair as a paintbrush. #MassiveMural

8:22pm: Barnett is a SoHo performance poet.

8:25pm: The dance craze the Worcester Wang swept the nation in the 1920s.

8:28pm: St Andrews' look like frieze, titled Hairstyles of the Twentieth Century.

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