Thursday, 13 October 2016

Mostly Comedy, Mainly Business.

Tonight, Glyn and I met with Mostly Comedy's technical assistant, Paul, for a catch up / loose business meeting to discuss the general running of the club, and our plans for next week's gig with Rory Bremner. 

It was nice to have a get-together, and to talk about everything in a less fraught and stressful situation than the day of the gig. We don't set out for it to be this way and often say we'll meet before, but inevitably, life gets in the way. We'd intended to have a chat before our first show back after our summer break, but ended up back-footed by last month's gig, when the line-up was only confirmed last minute. Either way, tonight was good.

Halfway through our meeting, we were joined by our long-term friend (and many-time director) Glen, with whom I had a long chat about my Edinburgh run, my frustrations with my PR situation up there, and my doubts and frustrations with the gigs I've booked since. Glen's a good sounding board, who understands what we're trying to do and our comedy style. I'd hoped to have him direct my Edinburgh show, but for various reasons, we didn't get it together; hopefully, I'll be able to bend his ear more next time around. Tonight, he gave some sound and encouraging advice (which you sometimes need to hear, when you've can't see the wood from the trees and have forgotten what you were trying to achieve in the first place; what was that exactly?). 

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