Monday, 10 October 2016

'University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Eleven' (10.10.16)

Tonight’s instalment of University Challenge was stolen by Glasgow’s Thomson, who was sporting the Look that Fashion Forgot.

Glasgow Vs. East London (10.10.16)

I sometimes wonder how the programme manages to be so consistent in the contestants it chooses; there’s always as least one person with amusing hair, demeanour or dress sense; you can set your watch by it. I feel guilty for being so merciless when it comes to mocking the people competing, but to be fair, if you choose to look like Thomson, you’re clearly asking for it. He must have had enough notice to get a decent haircut.

See below for today’s Twitter UC bitching. I’m sorry for being such a git.

8:02pm: Look at Thomson. LOOK AT HIM.

8:05pm: Ducklin's wearing a Ishihara colour-blindness test.

8:05pm: Jeremy Paxman looks so weary about the whole damn thing.

8:07pm: Thomson's hair is gloriously inconsistent.

8:12pm: Thomson's hair self-greases.

8:13pm: Thomson has tentacles instead of legs.

8:15pm: Lauder has an air of Bond villain about him.

8:16pm: Oh, to get at Thomson's sideburns with a beard-trimmer; thin 'em out.

8:18pm: ...John Lennon and The Beatles? Seriously?

8:19pm: *Lauder's Lego hair*

8:20pm: Thomson sits in a puddle of his own slime.

8:21pm: Waiting for Paxman to scream, "Oh, why don't you just Shishov."

8:24pm: Ducklin's shirt looks like a Brian Wilson hallucination.

8:27pm: "Epithet...Chris Waddle..." 

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