Wednesday, 12 October 2016

GBBO 2016: Volume Eight (12.10.16)

Tonight’s Bake Off was a Tudor-themed affair, with Celtic jumbles, pies and marzipan peacocks galore.

It also saw the sad departure of Benjamina; a talented and likeable baker, with perhaps the laziest thought-up of female names (when in doubt, stick an A on the end of it). As ever, I tweeted along with the show, probably missing half of the action whilst struggling to write something concise about my love for Paul Hollywood.

See below for today’s ramblings; they be about cake.

8:03pm: The day the world ends, Selasi should be the one to make the announcement.

8:05pm: Jane's hair would be great to tackle those hard-to-reach cobwebs in the corner.

8:06pm: YOU'VE got cogs at the bottom.

8:08pm: "I've run out of pie-related puns."

8:10pm: Mel: "Mary and Paul are looking for a firm filling". Too easy.

8:15pm: My only Tudor-related joke: Henry VIII’s second wife would never rush into a room. She’d just amble in.

8:16pm: Worryingly, they haven't cut to the black lamb who's usually gambling around outside the tent. Is he in a pie?

8:19pm: By wearing that light pinky-white shirt, Paul Hollywood is asking for a spillage.

8:20pm: Andrew's built a multi-Lazy Susan.

8:24pm: There's something strangely sexual about watching Selasi work a tiny pestle and mortar.

8:29pm: I'd smash all my jumbles up and call myself an iconoclast.

8:32pm: The triangular ones look like Celtic samosas.

8:34pm: I did a Celtic poo once.

8:40pm: If I was there, I'd make a marzipan codpiece.

8:45pm: To mark this week's Tudor-themed #GBBO, I've spent the duration of the programme adopting a Henry VIII stance.

8:52pm: "I don't like that". Paul Hollywood channeling Graham Taylor.

8:53pm: My favourite early Macca solo song: 'Maybe I'm a Maze".

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