Monday, 17 October 2016

'University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Eleven (17.10.16)

I rushed back from an Old Man Pub Crawl with my friend Stephen tonight to live-tweet along to University Challenge; a sentence that’s as depressing as it is dull. That’s not to say I wasn’t having a good time out - I was - but we both had our priorities, which consisted of watching the Liverpool match for Steve, and being snarky about a load of students for me.

See below for examples of me at my snarkiest; snarky, snarky me.

Jesus Cambridge Vs. Queens' Cambridge (17.10.16)

8:02pm: It's Monday evening. It's just gone 8pm. It's time for another round of Spot the Gimp.

8:03pm: Paxman's had a haircut. No more Wendy Craig.

8:05pm: Fairbrother is a cross between Bob Mortimer's son in House of Fools & Steve Coogan's teen 'Keanu Reeves' in Saxondale.

8:07pm: Morris Clarke looks like a wrong Osmond.

8:07pm: Price used to front The Cure.

8:09pm: Venturini looks like a cross between a non-green Big Green Giant and a non-green Incredible Hulk.

8:10pm: Fairbrother's hair. Discuss. Disgust.

8:11pm: Every "Jesus" from Roger Tilling sounds like an exclamation of disgust.

8:12pm: Syvret's shiny, shiny shirt makes him no less emotionless.

8:14pm: Because anyone wearing a sleeveless top on #UniversityChallenge WOULD have a bowl haircut.

8:15pm: Morris Clarke's smug, smiley Jimmy Osmond face.

8:16pm: Adamson is a watered-down Syvret.

8:16pm: Jesus Cambridge's mascot is, appropriately, a cock.

8:19pm: Morris Clarke and Jeremy Paxman sharing a smile at the mention of Led Zeppelin; Blues Rock enthusiasts.

8:20pm: Queens' Adamson appears to be experiencing grief.

8:22pm: Can someone undo Syvret's top button, please? Many thanks.

8:24pm: Syret and Adamson look like they saw something terrible on the way to the studio that they'll never, ever forget.

8:27pm: Snip snip snip went the scissors circling Fairbrother's head. Snip snip snip went the scissors around his sleeves.

8:28pm: "Jesus, Fairbrother." His mum, when he returned from the barbers'.

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