Monday, 10 October 2016

Interviewing a Nobody.

Because I’m an ego-manic, I’ll often Google my own name.

I say “often” as it makes for a sharper, more direct way into this blog post, when in reality, I only do it occasionally (unless I’m in a show, when the words ‘David Ephgrave review’ are typed with alarming regularity; so much so, I should set up a keyboard shortcut). Today, in a break from a piece I started writing but lost faith in, I looked myself up, to have a couple of interviews I did to promote my recent Edinburgh show surface: one for Moody Comedy and the other for British Comedy Guide.
I found it interesting to read them back now I’ve gained a little distance from the Fringe. You can check them out yourself below, though only if you agree to do imitate my voice in your head as you read it; if you've never heard me speak, imagine the sound of a man who grew up in Stevenage, then went on to form too many aspirations.

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