Saturday, 29 October 2016

Strictly Come Tweeting: Week Six (29.10.16)

Tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing was a Halloween special, with costumes and make-up galore (and that was just in the Ephgrave Household.)

I tweeted along, as ever, like a teenager on their mobile during a school lunchbreak. See below for my meanderings:

6:45pm: By far the most terrifying fancy dress costume of tonight's #Strictly: the 'Tess Daly'.

6:46pm: Oh audience, you no clap in time no.

6:48pm:'s meant to be like a ghost train.

6:49pm: Is the choice of 'You Spin Me Round' for the group dance an intentional tribute or an accidental faux pas?

6:52pm: Bless Tess Daly for appearing on tonight's show before having the stitches removed for her eyebrow injury.

6:55pm: Louise Redknapp, in her VT: "This is the week I need to seriously grow some b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ guts".

7:00pm: Kevin Clifton came to tonight's #Strictly as The Joker. Tess Daly has no idea what a joke is.

7:03pm: Judge Rinder has come to tonight's #Strictly with a Rorschach test on his face.

7:07pm: Top marks for Rinder and Oksana's make-up.

7:13pm: Be warned: the toadstools in AJ and Claudia's dance may be poisonous.

7:14pm: My favourite of Claudia and AJ's routines so far...but what do I know?

7:16pm: In tribute to Claudia's apparent wardrobe malfunction.

7:17pm: Brendan has a Rorschach test on his face too. What's with all the Rorschach tests?

7:19pm: Brendan rocking the invisible Segway.

7:22pm: Len: "You came out." (Down a shot).

7:22pm: I've got a very quick retraction.

7:28pm: Danny Mac's got his cummerbund tangled up with Oti Mabuse's dress.

7:30pm: "Danny Mac, when are you coming back?". Let's hope he does.

7:31pm: I want Craig Revel Horwood saying "I loved the appendage" as my text tone.

7:35pm: Winkleman's elixir stand-in looked like an emaciated Ronnie Wood.

7:36pm: Wanting to paint red doors black is an oft-misunderstood affliction.

7:39pm: I can't really warm to Laura. I've got no real reason to think this, but I suspect she's just the wrong side of competitive.

7:43pm: Joanne Clifton's got my teeth.

7:44pm: Ore's a great performer.

7:46pm: Ore's come as Ginger Baker.

7:54pm: Coming soon: all of Tess Daly's #Strictly jokes edited together to make one helluva bleak stand-up DVD.

7:55pm: Greg Rutherford looks good silver.

7:58pm: Claudia Winkleman's so good at her job.

8:02pm: Watching tonight's #Strictly with a cat on my lap makes me feel like Bloefeld on a quiet night in.

8:04pm: Top marks for Daisy and Aljaž's make-up.

8:06pm: Making them run up a staircase after doing their dances is like adding insult to injury.

8:09pm: My life's as awkward as a #Strictly VT.

8:11pm: I'm not quite sure what happened on BBC1 just then.

8:14pm: Ed Balls' dance was like a metaphor for the current state of the Labour Party.

8:19pm: Ed Balls: 48% / 52%.

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