Sunday, 30 October 2016

Print My Face.

I just did a some close-to-the-wire ordering of posters and flyers for the dates I’m doing at Leicester SquareTheatre next month, to make the most of a 25% discount; I’m a sucker for a bargain.

I took a bit of a calculated risk by forgoing waiting for authorization of a proof from the venue before sending it to be printed, so I wouldn’t miss out on the weekend-only deal and have to pay full price. Hopefully, this shouldn’t be a problem, as I used the right logos, kept within the specifications, and didn’t use the c-word on the artwork once; I’ll keep my fingers crossed this doesn’t lead to a massive controversy resulting me being banned from performing in London / “waitressing in Torquay” again; if it does, I’ll have to revert to my back-up job of trundle wheel adjudicator; no-one recognises a metre circumference quicker than me.

Once again, I was lucky to enlist the services of my artwork designing genius double-act-partner Glyn, who made the few small changes that were necessary to my Edinburgh flyers. See his handiwork below, then come and see the show; the second option would be the most appreciated of the two.

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