Tuesday, 13 September 2016

'University Challenged: Volume Seven (11.09.16)

While in many ways, this evening was fraught with disaster – I was meant to be taking my dad to see Sean Lock in Dunstable, but he wasn’t feeling well enough to go, and the person who was set to give us a lift to the venue had to pull out last-minute, as his car’s battery had died – the positive upshot was I got to take part in Quizzy Monday, and keep tabs on the latest bunch of knob-headed University Challenge contestants to face the impenetrable wall that is Jeremy Paxman.

See below for this week’s standard bitching. One day I’ll grow out of this (he says, unconvincingly).

8:03pm: Edinburgh's Smith would kill you (if he hasn't already).
8:04pm: Stenner-Matthews is Smith without the glasses.
8:05pm: Jeremy Paxman just said the word 'lubrication'. Sexy.
 8:06pm: I can't take the piss out of Brophy, due to his close proximity. (Hitchin / Hatfield).
8:07pm: Boyle used to be in the Traveling Willburys.
8:07pm: Boyle. Gimp.
8:09pm: O'Connor is so nervous, she doesn't know what to do with her eyebrows.
8:10pm: Why did Boyle say Ireland? SERIOUSLY?
8:11pm: Edinburgh's Smith is a Proclaimers / Billy Idol hybrid.
8:13pm: Boyle played bass for the Blues Brothers.
 8:14pm: Dale's on the wrong aspect ratio.
8:16pm: I've never been so pleased to say the words 'Roxy' and 'Music'.
8:17pm:  Boyle's hair grows while-u-wait.
8:23pm: This was the first time O'Connor was let out of the basement.
8:25pm: The man says 'Bosch'. We all think of Alan Partridge.
8:27pm: "Durham...Durham...Durham, Durham, Durham." (Sung to the tune 'The Pink Panther'.)
8:29pm: Boyle: only in Brighton.

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