Friday, 23 September 2016

It's Kevin (Again)

Tonight's Mostly Comedy was a lovely way to usher in our Autumn season, but of course it would be, when you have Kevin Eldon on the bill. 

Kevin Eldon at tonight's Hitchin Mostly Comedy (22.09.16)  Photo by Gemma Poole. 

I can't understate how much I rate him as a performer; something I know Glyn would definitely agree. I still remember how excited we both were the first time he said yes to playing our club. I said in his introduction tonight how just about every time a one-off character in a sitcom or sketch show sticks in your mind, it's almost certainly played by him; he was the laughing guy in the lift in I'm Alan Partridge, for Chrissakes. Not only that, but his performance as Bill Kerr in the excellent Radio 4 series The Missing Hancocks was spot-on to the point of being eerie; to call him an unsung hero of UK TV comedy of the past twenty years would be a conservative understatement. 

The line-up for tonight's show was a great one, even after putting Eldon to one side. The lovely Nathaniel Metcalfe did a great set in the first half just prior to Kevin (which was great to see, having not had him on at Mostly for a couple of years), plus we had the equally lovely and razor sharp (and consumate comic) Matt Green close the second half with his Edinburgh show 'Writing to Harvey Keitel, which I last saw when we shared a venue on the Brighton Fringe in May of this year. Kevin Eldon is a tough act to follow when so many people would clearly have come to gig to see him, but if anyone could do it, it's Matt; particularly when performing a show with such an interesting subject. 

It was also a good night for me Glyn. It was notable how relaxed I felt on stage on sharing it for the first time since Edinburgh with him. It's a whole other beast to doing stand-up on your own and was a welcome release from all the solo work I've been doing recently. We managed to dig out a piece of material we haven't done for a couple of years and give it a bit of a spring clean, which made it more fun. I also snuck in my Twitter Six Word Film Plots piece, which got a nice reaction too. The only slight setback was that sales were a little lower than usual, but then, to be fair, it had only been on sale for a week. Considering the tight turnaround. It did pretty well. On the flipside, next month we have Rory Bremner, which is already sold out. How do you like them apples?
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