Monday, 26 September 2016

University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Nine (26.09.16)

All that needed to be said about tonight’s University Challenge was summed up in my first tweet of the evening: “Well…Regan’s a twat.”
Queen's - Belfast Vs. Birmingham (26.09.16)

Admittedly, it wasn't very subtle, but then neither was Regan’s get-up. He chose to make his début on the show dressed as a gimp. To be fair, he’s not the first; there have been many unfortunately-garbed contestants on the programme before this evening’s episode and there’ll be many to come. He was just in the invidious position of being the most eye-catchingly attired of the night, though he brought this attention on himself and therefore only has himself to blame. Still, what right have I to judge? You should have seen how ridiculous I looked at his age; I went to my drama school's graduation ball as a First Year in a pair of black and grey stripy flares; I didn’t even have the era as an alibi: it was the Nineties, not the Sixties.

Regan-bashing to one side, here are my evening’s University Challenge tweets:
8:03pm: Well...Regan's a twat.

8:03pm: Regan looks like Jarvis Cocker doing an impression of Elvis Costello.

8:04pm: Rouse = Murderer.

8:05pm: Sutherland's certainly bringing Birmingham's average age of 29 up.

8:05pm: Regan's hair comes off with his hat.

8:08pm: Jeremy Paxman says the word 'Wikipedia' like a mum says the word 'gig'.

8:11pm: Belfast's Doherty's come dressed as Gyles Brandreth.

8:13pm: All of Regan's style choices are wrong.

8:15pm: "Oh Regan, you're so...'individual'". Said by no-one ever (except for me, just then).

8:19pm: I'd like to stage a Roger Tilling / Alan Dedicoat Enthusiastic Voice-Over Face-off.

8:20pm: Why have Queen's Belfast got a outsized sprig of broccoli as a mascot?

8:22pm: Jan-Smith and Sutherland didn't get the blue jumper memo.

8:24pm: This #UniversityChallenge is all "Monet, Manet, Monet, Manet".

8:26pm: Greenlees and Rouse are the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Team Birmingham.

8:28pm: ...because Greenlees and Rouse WOULD know the work of Tolkien inside-out.

8:30pm: I don't think Regan spent hours deciding on his outfit at ALL.

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