Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Number Watching.

I'm trying to remind myself today that I shouldn’t be disappointed that September’s instalment of our comedy club has sold slightly fewer tickets than usual.

When you organise a regular event, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture; you get so caught up in the facts and figures for each individual date, you forget how things have been going overall. This has definitely been the case this month, when finalising our remaining 2016 line-ups; I’ve been so distracted by what’s ahead, I’ve overlooked how successful the rest of the year has been and how fortunate we are as a result.

Booking bills for a comedy club is a juggling act. It’s like fishing: you repeatedly cast your line in the hope something good takes the bait and gets hooked. To stretch the analogy, you have lots of rods on the go, instead of relying on one. You’re always on the look out for the best possible outcome; I can't help but feel that by mixing my imagery, I’ve clouded my original point.

We’re very lucky that every show since moving to our new venue has either sold well or sold out, with us squeezing in a couple of extra dates on top of the usual monthly output. While tomorrow’s gig may not have as many advance sales as some of our other shows, there are a few good reasons for this; the main one being we didn’t confirm the line-up and put it on sale until the beginning of last week. In light of that, it’s done very well. It's also worth remembering that next month’s show with Rory Bremner has already sold out with four weeks to go; we’re already up on the game, so we needn't worry just yet.

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