Sunday, 11 September 2016

I Found Out.

In times of trouble, I remember John Lennon was Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond's Best Man and my mood is lifted. 

Even John looks surprised to be there. There's something about the whole situation that verges on incongruous. He couldn't look more like Lennon 'The Legend' that no-one should have been in close contact with, let alone entrusting their wedding rings to; if anything, Ringo would have been the more obvious choice. Who conducted the ceremony? Idi Amin? 

While I consider myself something of a Beatles aficionado, I had absolutely no knowledge of this trivia, until my wife stumbled across the it and told me it was the case. There's something pleasing about the fact these two people whose work I enjoy moved in the same circles. If only Frank (A.K.A. Peter Boyle) had truly been married to Marie. The only tidbit to rival this is the fact the murderer in the Hitchcock classic Rear Window was the same actor who played Perry Mason; sometimes, truth is stranger the fiction. 

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