Sunday, 25 September 2016

Quiet Day.

Some days you don't have much to report. 

I was meant to be going to watch the wrestling in London today (as you do), but I ended up cancelling, as my labyrinthitis decided to do its worst this morning, meaning it would be better not to go. Instead, I popped to the shop to pick up some croissants, so my wife and I could enjoy breakfast in bed, which was far preferable to watching a load of men pretending to fight each other in their pants. 

In the afternoon, I briefly popped into town to do a little shopping, and to go to the office, so I could send a couple of emails and run some material for tomorrow's gig. Frustratingly, I seem to have made the same mistake I made last year, and have sailed too close to the deadline for the Leicester Comedy Festival, meaning I probably won't be taking my show there next year. Yet again, I'm irritated by this, as I hate missing opportunities, and - while I'd intended to take my current show there next year for its last airing before presenting something new, so therefore won't be missing anything essential to working a new show up, it's still annoying; it would have been nice to have at least been on the radar for it. 

This evening, I started watching a Jack Lemmon film that I'll finish tomorrow as I began to fall asleep. So now, I'm going to bed. As I said at the beginning, I don't have much to report...but it's Sunday, after all; it's a day of rest.  

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