Tuesday, 20 September 2016

University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Eight (19.09.16)

Just when we thought we’d seen every University Challenge possibility, Wolfson Cambridge’s Monkman came to save us.

Wolfson - Cambridge Vs. SOAS (19.09.16)

He had all the requisite tics and quirks of an eccentric UC contestant, with a few extra thrown in for good measure; so much so, I refuse to believe he’s a real person. He was like a incantation brought about by a bunch of nerdy Ouija users; a Weird Science for the weird science student. I was so taken in, I barely paid attention to the rest of the show that was happening around him.

See below for tonight’s Twitter outbursts; here’s hoping at least one of next week’s contestants can give Monkman a run for his money. I wait with bated breath.

8:02pm: Monkman rehearsed that smile. Nothing is spontaneous.
8:03pm: Monkman is clearly the #UniversityChallenge unhinged hit of the evening.
8:04pm: For a split second, Henry Edwards forgot what he studies.
8:04pm: "THE BONGOS": my future text tone.
8:08pm: Cosgrove has the expression of a man who's fully aware of Monkman's ridiculousness & the ridiculousness of his own hair
8:10pm: Monkman hands-down proves the existence of Artificial Intelligence.
8:11pm: Monkman's lips are allergic to his own teeth.
8:14pm: When it comes to amusing this series' amusing contestants, you may as well clear the boards: 'MONKMAN'.
8:15pm: Thanks to Monkman, I haven't even noticed SOAS.
8:16pm: Cosgrove has the look of a man who invented Monkman for a bet.
8:16pm: Monkman looks like a camp Stephen King.
8:19pm: Chalaby (left).

8:20pm: Cosgrove.

8:23pm: Monkman is wearing someone else's face.
8:25pm: Monkman isn't a real man, man. Monkman isn't a real man, man. Monkman isn't a real man, man. Monkman isn't a real man.
8:27pm: #UniversityChallenge was Monkman's destiny.
8:30pm: Was Paxman offering to bet his house on SOAS returning a legally binding contract?

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