Wednesday, 28 September 2016

GBBO 2016: Volume Six (28.09.16)

There's something about the autumn that finds me constantly tweeting along to the TV.

It probably looks like I’ve nothing better to do with my time, though in a way, it’s a time-saver, as it indirectly gives me a bit of a break from finding things to discuss here; I’ll often abandon my usual prose-based blogs, in favour of a summary of my Twitter ramblings on whichever show was on that night; it’s not my fault that University Challenge, Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off all air at once.

Tonight’s Bake Off was a pastry-case in point. See below for what came to mind whilst watching this evening's show. At the risk of a spoiler, it was a shame to see Rav go. Did you also know that Bruce Willis was dead in Sixth Sense? When it comes to spoiling people’s fun, I’m the best.

8:02pm: I'll probably tweet along with for a bit; apologies to the uninterested.

8:04pm: Just a few minutes in, and I miss Val's unique brand of confused insanity already.

8:05pm: "This cake's systematic...(STING)...aromatic...(STING)..."

8:06pm: "The bakers can use anything that grows"; INSERT EUPHEMISM HERE.

8:08pm: Paul and Selasi wrestling. PICTURE IT.

8:08pm: I dumped a meringue once. I don't want to talk about it.

8:09pm: Andrew loves ginger; too easy.

8:12pm: Paul and Selasi, trimming each other's beards. Erotic.

8:12pm: I'll paint the inside of YOUR bag.

8:14pm: My favourite curd is Sharaf Khan Bidlisi.

8:16pm: I'm drowning in a sea of euphemisms.

8:20pm: So much fury over meringues.

8:21pm: There was no need for Candice to call Mary a tart. No need.

8:22pm: Only Selasi could look so manly in a floral t-shirt.

8:25pm: Looking forward to someone making a slip-up saying "fougasse".

8:29pm: Is Tom wearing that blue glove so they can CGI his right hand in later?

8:31pm: Bake your fougasse at fougasse-mark two.

8:32pm: Fougasse: because I like bread with a letterbox in it.

8:35pm: Say what you like, but #GBBO has done wonders for the glockenspiel underscoring industry.

8:37pm: Thanks to #GBBO, glockenspiel-playing session musicians are quids-in.

8:39pm: To give myself a taste of this week's #GBBO, showstopper, I'm sucking on an old lady's bar of soap.
8:45pm: To add to the poppy-seed theme, Benjamina should throw in a little Heroin.

8:46pm: I wish someone would pipe my buttercream flowers.

8:48pm: *Visions of Mary Berry post-hash-cake.*

8:50pm: Top marks to Candice for the look of her four-tier cake

8:52pm: It's shame Val's not still in this week: she was a fruitcake.

8:54pm: Watching #GBBO, eating pot pourri.

8:58pm: Not only does Selasi's showstopper look sensational, it also matches his outfit.

9:00pm: This week's decision was difficult. It was "lemon lemon difficult"

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