Monday, 29 February 2016

University Challenged: Volume Nine (29.02.16)

Another week, another stint of unnecessary Twitter bitching. See below for the awful things I said; I’m not this nasty in person, really.

8:02pm: Bungey: HAIR.

8:03pm: Watson: MURDERER.

8:04pm: Joly de Botbiniere: greedy with letters.

8:05pm: Watson: unfamiliar with conditioner.

8:06pm: York McLoughlin: Henry Ramsey in Neighbours.

8:06pm: Massive rubber duck or tiny team?

8:07pm: By night, Bungey's hair masquerades as a microphone pop-shield.

8:10pm: de Lotbineire's smile-less face when he got that answer right was the happiest he'd ever looked.


8:13pm: Bungey's hair was used as a nest in the last series of Springwatch.

8:14pm: Smith's hair can be lifted off in one piece.

8:15pm: Imagine the static when Bungey takes that jumper off.

8:19pm: Watson isn't Bez in an Ian Brown wig, wasn't in Supergrass and didn't play bass for The Verve.

Bungey has got pubes on his head,
Pubes on his head,
Pubes on his head.
Pubes, pubes, pubes on his head.

8:27pm: First rule of #University Challenge Club: don't smile in #University Challenge Club.

8:27pm: Jeremy Paxman feels disdain for every member of the human race.

8:29pm: I want to rub a balloon against the top of Bungey's head.

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