Friday, 12 February 2016

The Brain Drain.

By the end of last night’s radio recording, I was a bit delirious.

This was due to tiredness, brought on by taking on too much at once.  It didn’t help that the night before, I barely slept. Instead, I lay in bed, counting off the hours I could have been unconscious, like a Jim Bowen-esque Mr Sandman was showing me what I could have won.  That simile shows my condition hasn’t improved, but I’m going to roll with it.

I’ll be intrigued to hear the show back when it airs on Sunday. I hope my exhaustion isn’t obvious. Things started well, but by an hour in, my concentration was shot. I started questioning whether I was missing key words out of sentences as I spoke. Even now, I’m struggling to make a coherent point; it's very irritating.

I need a quiet weekend to recharge my batteries. Hopefully then I’ll be back to my usual self (whatever that is). Until then, I think I’ll outsource my blogposts; is there such a thing as a David Ephgrave style guide?

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