Wednesday, 17 February 2016

IYIE #20

We prerecorded Sunday’s In Your Inner Ear tonight at Doggett & Ephgrave HQ (A.K.A. our midget office).

The show's topic was ‘Stupid’. the sense that we shared examples of the countless times we’ve seen or done something idiotic (with most of our stories inevitably falling in the latter category). I enjoyed the recording more than last week's show, as I felt more relaxed and in the swing of things, whatever that means.

By the end of the programme, the three of us were laughing uncontrollably, mainly at Glyn’s anecdote about the time he thought he was dying because his hands had turned an unnatural shade of blue. It took a couple of hours of sheer panic - imagining all kinds of ominous symptoms – for him to realise it was just dye that had rubbed off of his new pair of jeans; I’d like to remind you that the man is now a FATHER.

Recording at the office instead of the radio studio is a cozy little arrangement. The room is small, but there are no distractions or interruptions; particularly as we do it in the evening, when the company we share the building with has gone home for the day. The audio quality is better too, which is ridiculous, yet reassuring. It’s surprising what you can achieve with such a basic set-up. Abbey Road Studios can shove it up their 'emergency exit'.

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