Thursday, 25 February 2016

Two Feet / Four Feet.

I caught the bus to Stotfold this morning to walk my mum's dog Barley. 

I do this most Thursdays when I'm available, which helps my mum out, as it's one day less to pay a dog-walker while she's at work (and my rates are very reasonable), and it's good for me too, as it's an excuse to get some exercise. While I walk a lot through not driving, it's nice to occasionally do it for the sake of it, without having a particular destination in mind (other than my mum's house to take the dog back).

Barley is the softest beast you could meet. He's the epitome of friendliness; always pleased to see you and unlikely to misbehave (save gobbling up the occasional bit of rubbish from the pavement, if you briefly take your eye off the game. I once saw him eat another dog's poo, which wasn't his finest moment). 

When we got back from our spot of Stotfold exploration, Barley and my mum's cat Chaser sat with me while I had a cup of tea and did some admin before catching the bus back (which I'm on as I write). This made for a nice mental break before I get ready for a gig I'm doing tonight. I'm more comfortable in the company of animals than other humans, which is a worry. Perhaps I should have been a vet (called Ivette?).

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