Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sending Warm Thoughts.

My mood has been affected today by the sad news that Paul Daniels isn't well.

He’s a hero of mine and one of the biggest influences in my choice of career. I may not have ended up a magician, but my fascination with magic enabled me to take my first steps toward being a performer, taking in music, acting and comedy along the way. I was obsessed with him as a child, and would tune into his magic show every week. Then, last November, he performed at Glyn’s and my comedy club; stepping from childhood fantasy into reality, shaking my hand as I welcomed him on stage. Everything about the gig was perfect; Paul and Debbie were charming, both on-stage and off. Before he went on, he asked me to set his props, which felt like a privilege. His performance was a master-class from someone who was still as sharp as a pin and at the top of his game. Everyone watching knew it; people fought to sit at the front or be pulled up on stage. It was a wonderful, unforgettable night.

Since reading about his illness I keep catching myself thinking about it. I’ll be doing something mundane, and then remember the news. I wish him and his family the best at such a difficult time, and would like to thank him for igniting my childhood imagination. I’m grateful I got to tell him what he meant to me when I was growing up. Hitchin sends its love.

Doggett, Ephgrave & Daniels (19.11.15)

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