Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mostly Arthur Amith.

It was good to be back at last night’s Mostly Comedy, having missed last month’s show.

Me, comedianing, last night (photos by Gemma Poole)
We’re still getting used to the new venue, and the teething problems that come with being in a new space. That said, it’s a comfortable fit, largely down to the hard work and all-round assistance we get from our technician Paul Williams, who came on board the Doggett & Ephgrave Express in the past year.

(Though it’s less an ‘express’ and more of a ‘slow service.)

Glyn, comedianing, last night.
Despite all our forward planning, inevitable sound problems before the show meant we had little time to relax before curtain up. Once these issues were fixed it all ran smoothly, thanks to Paul and the rest of our staff (let’s hope Paul reads this; are you there, Paul? ARE YOU THERE?). The pre-set lighting state makes the ballroom look lovely when people arrive and it has more toilets, a bigger bar and more room for manoeuvre for the audience than our previous homes. Glyn and I are finally getting the chance to do less of the set-up and pack-down, which feels like a reward for all our previous hard work; this all bodes well for the future.

Kemsley, comedianing.

Arthur Smith is a comedian.
It was a good show too. Harriet Kemsley (who hasn’t played Mostly before) was lovely and went down well, as of course did Arthur Smith, who is the most amenable and easygoing stand-up you could meet. We’re spoilt with our line-ups. Glyn and I did more material together than we’ve done in recent months, and I was pleased to get some new solo material out in the open too. Big ticks all round. Here’s to the rest of 2016.

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