Friday, 5 February 2016

Mostly GONEdy.

Our Mostly Comedy banner is missing in action.

The last confirmed sighting was on Sunday evening, when I was walking through Hitchin Market Place with my wife. I didn't stare at it, as it’s awkward when you walk past an outsized piece of tarpaulin with your face on (I’m sure you know the feeling), but it was definitely there. Then Glyn drove through the square a few days later, looked up at where it should have been and did a double take, as the rectangular blighter was gone; all in all, that was £53.76 well spent.

I assume it came down in the wind; that, or it was ripped down by someone with a ladder and a grudge. If so, they could have had the decency to wait until the end of February when the slot we’d booked was up, as then they’d have be doing us a favour.

The question is where did it end up? Did it blow away, like a helium balloon at a charity balloon race? Did it kill a man? If so, will his family book tickets to see one of our Mostly Comedy events? I have so many questions, which may never be answered. If they are, you’ll be the first to know. Watch this space.

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