Monday, 22 February 2016

University Challenged: Volume Eight (22.02.16)

Here’s today’s Twitter snarking about this evening’s episode of University Challenge. I apologise for my directness; I assure you that I’m not as bitchy as it seems.

8:06pm: Cambridge's Powell: the #UniversityChallenge Gimp Apex.

8:08pm: I do love a #UniversityChallenge contestant who's speech impediment precludes them from saying the subject they're studying. #Powell

8:09pm: Oscar Powell: a Boris Johnson love-child.

8:13pm: Cambridge's Langley used to present Look Around You.

8:16pm: Oscar Powell will be a future Tory Prime Minister. Mark my words.

8:18pm: I'd like to ruffle Russell's fluffy hair whilst singing Proclaimers hits at Clegg.

8:22pm: If Wood and Sowood married each other and then double-barrelled their names, they'd end up as Mr & Mrs Wood-Sowood.

8:25pm: The sexual tension between Paxman and Woods is palpable.

8:26pm: Powell has a poster of Michael Heseltine on his bedroom ceiling.

8:28pm: Cambridge's Langley can be found amongst the illustrations of every Seventies textbook.

8:29pm: Woods. "Arch".

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