Sunday, 14 February 2016

IYIE #19

I listened to this week's In Your Inner Ear when it went out tonight, tweeting relevant pictures and comments along with it like a man possessed. 

It's much easier to do this when the show isn't live, as it gives you a chance to do the job justice. That said, it's still a little frenetic as, even though I know the gist of what was discussed when, something always takes me by surprise.

I wrote here on the day of recording of how I was concerned that the tiredness and incoherence I felt as we did it would show. Thankfully, it didn't. It always surprises me how well the show holds together, even when one or all of us aren't feeling our best. We sound at ease with what we're doing, and keep good pace. It's satisfying to listen back to. I just wish it was getting more exposure, as it's frustrating not knowing if anyone's listening; the cynic in me always assumes that no-one is. 

I had hoped some of the set-pieces I brought up, which started life as blogs, might translate into stand-up. Hearing it back tonight, the jury's out. There's something in them, but they need loosening up; either that, or I need to know the content better, as the combination of part-reading and part-improvising can make them sound a little rushed. 

The show’s still a good outlet. We'll record the twentieth episode on Tuesday, for which I recorded the relevant jingles today. By Wednesday morning there'll be forty hours of us waffling out there in the ether, which is a terrifying thought.

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