Tuesday, 26 September 2017

GBBO Week Five: (26.09.17)

Tonight’s Bake Off was pudding week, which to be fair is every week in my house.

As ever, there were some impressive sweet treats to behold, though none were as striking as Steven’s terrine recreation of the American flag, which was nothing if not topical (see below for my intention). Sadly, it didn’t fair so well on the taste front, but looks-wise it was pretty damn extraordinary; I’d eat it if it weren’t disrespectful.

See the following for my Twitter ramblings on the subject from tonight.

8:03PM: The last time I got "steamy with a school pudding", I wound up on a register.

8:04PM: Clearly, none of the bakers went to a school like mine.

8:06PM: Someone should make a Joan Bakewell pudding.

8:10PM: "Well, steam my puddings..." and other such panto-dame sayings.

8:11PM: You could lamp someone with Sandi's steamed suet pudding.

8:19PM: To fit in with the school pudding theme, Prue's jewellery was made from an abacus.

8:20PM: I wonder if I can make a David Ephgrave Handshake a thing.
8:22PM: PAUL: "That's beautiful, sponge." 
PRUE: "That's good, mango." 

Hollywood & Leith, auditioning some new terms of endearment.

8:23PM: Paul Hollywood, always dying for a quick line-dance.

8:26PM: Mel's in the freezer to the back-left of the tent; Sue's in the one to the right.
 8:31PM: Little-Known #GBBO Fact: the dramatic percussive sound in tonight's underscore is made by shaking a baking tray.

8:33PM: Appropriately for a baking programme, tonight Paul Hollywood looks like he's got a bit of a cob-on.

8:35PM: YOU'VE got a big air hole in.

8:43PM: Rubbery as opposed to lovely

8:45PM: If Steven kneels when taking his Stars & Stripes terrine out of the freezer, @POTUS will be furious.

8:46PM: I've got an Eton Mess layer, just below my skin.

8:55PM: If Steven kneels while taking out his Stars & Stripes signature bake, can we get #StandForOurTerrine trending on Twitter?

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