Thursday, 21 September 2017

Only Yesterday.

It’s strange to think I’ve only been back from Edinburgh for three weeks; it definitely seems much longer.

I guess this is because I’ve had a fair amount to do, or maybe it’s just the change in work intensity - the Fringe is pretty much the definition of full-on - but whatever it is, it certainly feels like I’ve been home a fair while. It’s only the fact that tomorrow's our first Mostly Comedy back that reiterates the time-scale.

Yesterday was frustrating, as I had to reschedule October’s Mostly - temporary shifting venues to our previous home The Market Theatre as a one-off - due to a diary mix-up with The Sun. There’s no need to go into the whys and wherefores as everything’s settled, but it was another of those problem-solving situations I could have done without, when I thought I’d already sorted it.

While it will be nice to do a Mostly there again, the worst bit will be having to lessen the capacity for the gig considerably, knocking out fifty seats, when we'd budgeted for the event with them in. It can’t be helped - and I’m glad we’ve managed to keep the main act of the night on the bill - but it’s a big concession to make; still, we’ll just have to chalk it up to experience.

Today was reasonably eventful, taking in preparations for tomorrow’s Mostly, as well as finalising a date at next February’s Leicester Comedy Festival. This will likely be the last time I perform ‘Now Who’s a Comedian?’ before I start putting my next show together in earnest. This was what happened with my previous show, ‘Mostly David Ephgrave’, and it was a great way to draw a line under it: it felt like the last day of term and was a lot of fun, so I’m sure this time will be no different…though God knows what will follow it.

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