Saturday, 30 September 2017

Strictly Come Tweeting 2017: Week Three (30.09.17)

It's fair to say tonight’s Strictly further cemented my love of Debbie McGee.

Not only is she genuinely lovely (as I can vouch from her visit to Mostly Comedy with her late husband Paul Daniels a few years back) she’s also a brilliant performer, with so much energy, ability and sparkle. It helped that she was dancing to one of my favourite Billy Joel songs, She's Always a Woman, and the routine matched the beauty of the song perfectly, but then it’s not as if she needs the assistance; I hope she remains in the competition for a good few weeks to come so we can enjoy more of her versatility.

Outside of Debbie’s dance, I didn’t really feel tonight’s show so much, though it’s fair to say Alexandra Burke knocked her routine out of the metaphorical park. I also liked Jonnie Peacock’s dance to Johnny B Goode, though I only just noticed the reason for the song choice; I’m a little slow at times...unlike him.

See below for tonight’s tweets:

6:48PM: One thing's certain: when you have an audience made from the general public & live music there'll be on-beat handclapping aplenty.

6:51PM: Tess' trouser/dress mash-up is the clothing equivalent to a cut-and-shut Vauxhall Cavalier sold by a shifty backalley car dealer.

6:54PM: The gratuitous shots of the box of #Strictly cereal during Chizzy's foxtrot is a typical example of BBC product placement.

7:02PM: Aston Merrygold is a village in Essex.

7:05PM: All that keeping hold of Janette while throwing her about was done with magnets.

7:06PM: Stupid beard though.

7:11PM: If I was doing this routine, I'd have stayed in the dock.

7:15PM: Please don't cut to Piers Morgan...please don't cut to Piers Morgan...

7:18PM: Charlotte Hawkins' dress was the glitter sash curtain from Bullseye in a former life.

7:25PM: *Cue a coming-out-of-the-closet joke*

7:27PM: The use of the wardrobe during Joe's routine is the perfect cue for a judge "You came out.." comment.

7:37PM: Bruno Tonioli is fitted with an electronic tag and has a 10pm curfew to keep him in check.

7:39PM: Well, I thought Brian Conley was great.

7:42PM: When Gemma and Aljaž's routine started, I was worried they didn't realise they were facing the wrong way.

7:47PM: Craig Revel Horwood's hair tonight is a bit 'There's Something About Mary'.

7:52PM: The Reverend Richard Coles is the best thing for the Church of England since Henry VIII.

8:02PM: Eamonn Holmes' left hand meeting his right across his waist is similar to the Keymaster meeting the Gatekeeper in Ghostbusters.

8:04PM: When Liverpool play Everton, it's more a case of You'll Never Walk Again.

8:09PM: I've got sperm older than AJ.

8:11PM: "The lights are on, but you're not home": the perfect burglar deterrent.

8:19PM: The length of Oti's legs is an immeasurable distance.

8:23PM: Bruno is filthier than Keith Moon's Uncle Ernie.

8:28PM: Debbie's Viennese Waltz to She's Always a Woman; beautiful song, beautiful routine.

8:35PM: Well, I've never seen anyone dressed like that in Stevenage library.

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