Monday, 23 January 2017

University Challenged: Volume Twenty-one (23.01.17)

The end of the current series of University Challenge is sneaking ever closer and inevitably, the faces of the contestants have grown very familiar.

We’ve already dined out on Venkatesh’s keenness that masks a slight murderousness and Clarke’s disdainful venom. That’s not to say we can’t enjoy them again, particularly in the case of the latter; my God, did Clarke have a cob on this evening; even Paxman must have approached her tentatively.

See below for tonight’s tweets:

Bristol Vs. Corpus Christi - Oxford (23.01.17)
7:33pm: Rolleston's wearing a surprisingly narrow waistcoat.

7:34pm: Venkatesh has a murderous resting face.

7:35pm: There's no substance thicker than the lenses of Fleet's glasses.

7:36pm: With a waistcoat like that, it's no wonder Rolleston will end up teaching history.

7:37pm: Mess with Bristol's Clarke at your peril.

7:38pm: Bristol's Clarke is a woman with attitude.

7:39pm: Clarke's far too busy for this #UniversityChallenge lark.

7:40pm: Bristol's Clarke.

7:43pm: 2. Bristol’s Clarke.

7:47pm: The longer the programme goes on, the more irritated Clarke gets about being there.

7:50pm: The last thing Clarke wants to do is waste thirty minutes in the company of these eight cretins (Paxman included).

7:51pm: Venkatesh likes that; not a lot, but he likes it.

7:52pm: *Idea for a pantomime with Bristol's Clarke as the Wicked Queen and Corpus Christi's Johnson as the good fairy.*

7:53pm: Fleet can see through walls with those glasses.

7:55pm: Bristol Clarke's tut is as loud as thunderclap.

7:57pm: A single withering look from Clarke can empty a room in seconds.

7:59pm: Bristol Clarke's mantra: "I'm seriously fucked off with this. I'm seriously fucked off with this.

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