Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Price isn't Right.

One thing I've learnt from collating my 2015/16 Tax Return is that receiving a chiropractic treatment costs the same as a train to Kettering.

Both services come in at £37.00, which isn't cheap, particularly when one leaves you in incredible physical discomfort and anguish and the other is a chiropractor appointment. But which was the most indispensable? I definitely gained more from having my bad back looked at, as the trip to Kettering was for a gig that, while in a lovely building (a converted bookshop that doubled as a music venue, with guitars, mandolins and ukuleles on the walls), the show itself was very disorganised. It was run by a couple of secondary school students with their parents, for which I didn't get my expenses recouped and came out the other side feeling like the elephant in the room, because I wasn’t a teenager; I tend to walk into these things (when I don't catch the train). 

It could have been worse. That £37 ticket could easily have cost twice as much, as it took booking it far in advance and making sure I boarded a specific train there and back to avoid paying an even more extortionate amount. All this to get to Kettering, which isn't the most glamorous of destinations. I've paid less to get to the Netherlands, Amsterdamn it. 

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