Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Penultimately David Ephgrave.

Today, I did the first run of my show since I performed it at Leicester Square Theatre last November, to start getting it back up to speed for my gig in London next Monday.

I intend this to be my penultimate outing with it, with the last one being at the Leicester Comedy Festival at the end of next month. It was interesting going back to it today after such a long hiatus. I took a little while to get in the swing of things and forgot a few bits here and there, but once I got going, I enjoyed it. There’s a definite point just before halfway in where the energy of the material picks up and it becomes more fun; while I don’t intend to do much tweaking of the show so late in the game, this is something I’ll try to keep in mind when I start piecing together the next one.

The next one; now, there’s an intriguing thought. It’s high time I got on with it. While there’s been a palpable sense of anxiety around it since the summer, this has started to morph into excitement over literally the past few days. The first thing I need to do is sift through my blog and my various notebooks to pull out the bits that I think will work in a live context, and try to piece together the outline of a longer set that has energy and drive, and is more consistent than what I did last time around; the hardest part will be choosing what to include, as nearly four years’ worth of the blog is a hell of a resource; oh for an editor to do it for me.

I hope to make the process fun. While last year’s show wasn’t perfect, I’m still proud of it. The trick will be to make the next one better, and to give it more attack. It’s likely the projector will be more heavily involved as that’s what I do best; watch this space.

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