Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Etcetera Etcetera.

Tonight saw the final performance of last year’s Edinburgh show in London, or at all, outside of my date at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February.

The venue was the Etcetera Theatre, which is one of my favourites to work in, both for what it feels like to play and for its tech set-up. It’s a home from home really, as I’ve been there so many times on my own and with Glyn that I know just what to expect, which is helpful when your get-in is likely to be a little rushed. There’s a projector and screen rigged too, which is great as that’s two less things to take, plus they’re both good quality, which is something of a rarity in Fringe venues; two spaces instantly spring to mind with projectors with lamps so old they barely reach the wall they’re meant to hit. The Etcetera screen’s also huge, which makes my stuff work so much better.

Another thing the Etcetera is great for is its support. They constantly retweet and promote your show and are very helpful on and around the day. It was heartening to arrive to find the posters I’d ordered were displayed as planned, it was fairly obvious I was at the right venue.

Never heard of him.
The downside to doing sporadic date here and there is it makes you feel rusty. This, combined with a slightly frenetic half an hour before the show, made for a slightly stressed me; so much so, I purposely went up ten minutes late, to allow time to wolf down a salad (do wolves eat salad?) and quickly reset my addled brain.

View from the lighting box (30.01.17)
The show went well despite the rush. The audience were nice and fairly vocal; particularly two women who arrived a little late, who were a godsend, in that they were chatty in a good way and gave me plenty to work with. One kept responding to my jokes with punchlines of her own, which made me suggest we form a double act. She told me she was coming up to Edinburgh this year and was going to suggest it herself. Her friend asked if I’d give them free tickets if they looked me up, to which I said resounding yes; if they happen to read this, my offer still stands; see you there.

Now my last London Mostly David Ephgrave show's done and dusted, I plan to get on with piecing together newer material to be ahead for my first work in progress dates in April; it would be nice to approach my Leicester Festival MDE gig knowing I have the skeleton makings of my next show in my bony, bony hand.


  1. I am that lady. Thank you for a wonderful evening and really looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh. I love your humour and my jaw hurt laughing so much.

  2. Hello! Glad you enjoyed it so much (though I'm afraid I can't offer dental compensation for your jaw ache).

    Definitely give me a shout when you're up in Edinburgh - either here or through Twitter - and I'll sort you some comps. :)