Friday, 20 January 2017

Firstly Comedy.

Despite being Glyn-less, tonight’s Mostly Comedy was a lot of fun.

Mostly Panoramic.
Apparently, it’s impossible to get us both in the same room when Richard Herring’s on the bill; I missed our inaugural (don’t mention Trump) Sun Hotel Mostly last January - which Richard also headlined - due to illness, and Glyn missed tonight's as he was Company Managing the Market Theatre’s Adult Panto on the road (which isn't an illness). While all went well last year, it was bound to be a little fraught as it was our first proper show at the venue (excluding the 'Sun-mer Special' the previous summer); for me there would have been less of an excuse. Thankfully, I needn’t have worried as everything was slick and no-one died, thanks to the hard work of the staff, Paul, Gemma, Lisa, Stephen, Clive and Glen, who all stepped up-to-the-plate; while I refuse to include their surnames here, I’m eternally grateful.

(I haven't learnt their surnames.)

Brodi Snook.
It helped that we had a cracking line-up. Brodi Snook kicked things off after I opened the show, making her first appearance at the club. I’m sure it won’t be her last; she's effortlessly self-assured and has great material. She also stayed to the end despite catching the train up from Brighton, which showed commitment. I’d have been running to the station, sweating profusely (which says more about my state-of-fitness than anything).

A shocked Jay Foreman.
Sharing a charity handshake.
Jay Foreman closed the first half in typically top form. He last played Mostly a year and a half ago, which is too long an absence for someone who's performed at the club so much. The other day I stated erroneously on Twitter that he’d played every venue we’ve run Mostly at in Hitchin, London and Edinburgh, when he actually missed The George, but one out of seven isn’t bad.

Richard Herring, channelling Ringo Starr (Peace and Love)
We handed the second half over to Herring, who performed a sixty-minute version of his greatest hits show 'The Best' in a burst of pace and energy. It was my favourite performance from one of Glyn’s and my favourite acts, which true to its title, featured some of my favourite routines; to anyone who says you shouldn’t use the word ‘favourite’ three times in one sentence: I spit in your face.

My show notes.
I managed to make good use of tonight myself, by trying out some new material. I also sang (and danced) a truncated version of Nellie the Elephant with the hastily-rewritten lyrics below; see if you can spot the relevance.

Donald the President packed his trunk
And said hello to the White House.
Off he went with a Trumpety Trump,
Trump, Trump, Trump.

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