Monday, 2 January 2017

University Challenged: Volume Eighteen (02.01.17)

I was delighted to see the proper series of University Challenge return to our screens tonight, as it’s much more fun to bully its contestants (indirectly on Twitter of course) than those in the Christmas specials.

Siantonas is a case in point, as he's University Challenge Gold; if I were to expect a man with his choice in facial hair to crop up anywhere on the planet, it would be behind a desk with his name on a lightbox, being grilled by Paxman. His is an extraordinary look, the like of which has been seldom seen since the glory days of Prog Rock in the mid-to-late 1970s; chances are he owns a special limited edition version of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

He wasn’t the only source of amusement tonight. See below for my related Twitter posts:

Bristol Vs. Oriel Oxford (02.01.17)

8:03pm: Siantonas is a pastiche of himself.

8:05pm: Siantonas was played by John Thomson in The Fast Show.

8:06pm: I got the John Lennon 'Beautiful Boy' reference; it played right into my court.

8:07pm: Tobias Thornes wants to be middle-aged. He wants to be middle-aged SO BAD.

8:08pm: Did Bristol's Jackson just say "Chimney sperm"?

8:08pm: Thomsett comes as part of a set.

8:09pm: Thomsett's beard is made of dyed iron fillings. Thomsett is sucking a magnet.

8:10pm: Clarke is sullen, very sullen.

8:11pm: Thornes came in fancy dress as his dad.

8:13pm: Siantonas is what would happen if the Blues Brothers' Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn mated.

8:13pm: Thornes, son of Blair.

8:14pm: Thornes canvassed for a political party between takes.

8:15pm: Siantonas likes folkin' folkin' folk.

8:16pm: I see this series' contestants Siantonas and Monkman as a warning.

8:18pm: After the recording, Paxman sidled up to Clarke in the bar and promised to fund the rest of her education for a date.

8:19pm: Siantonas; I mean, SERIOUSLY.

8:20pm: Thornes and Rolleston: future prime minister and leader of the opposition.

8:21pm: Kim Cattrall, comin' atcha.

8:22pm: Thornes face on a punchbag.

8:24pm: Bristol's Clarke is seriously narked off.

8:25pm: Siantonas owns a variety of pipes.

8:26pm: Clarke could give Paxman's general disinterest a run for its money.

8:28pm: Paxman, in his living room, protesting about a tardy dinner: "Come...ON".

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