Tuesday, 10 January 2017

University Challenged: Volume Nineteen (09.01.17)

I don’t know why tweeting along to University Challenge became a thing I do, but it certainly has.

It’s got the point where, if I’m out when it’s on, I start to feel tetchy; “What am I not at home, when I could be being gently snarky about a socially challenged student I’ve never met?”

This was nearly the case today, as I was meant to be gigging, but London's tube strike meant I had to forgo that, with the positive upshot that I could resume my usual Twitter antics. See below for today’s result:

Peterhouse Cambridge Vs. Corpus Christi Oxford (09.01.17)
8:01pm: Paxman's eyebrows look darker. Discuss.

8:02pm: Levinson has so many names. So many many names.

8:02pm: I'm taking how Levinson says "Hello" as my own.

8:03pm: Sweetenham: pour honey on it.

8:07pm: The lenses of Oxford Fleet's glasses are as thick as Bowen's.

8:07pm: Sweetenham's thick luxuriant hair.

8:08pm: Levinson's beard is a secret, even to himself.

8:10pm: Fleet's glasses are thicker than brick.

8:12pm: Peterhouse's Sweetenham's hairstyle is a feat of hairspray-based engineering.

8:12pm: Sweetenham's head has one of the only thatched roofs in Cambridge.

8:15pm: There will never be a more dramatic sound than Roger Tiling saying, "Corpus Christi Venkatesh".

8:17pm: Fleet with the thick glasses had to be the one to say "Philip Glass".

8:19pm: Imagine trying to push your fingers into Sweetenham's hair; a physical impossibility.

8:22pm: Requirements of a #UniversityChallenge contestant:

1) Being a gimp.
2) That's it.

8:23pm: Corpus Christi's Fleet.

8:25pm: I want Levinson saying "A Tale of Two Cities" as my morning alarm.

8:27pm: Voake and Johnson should stage a sullen-off.

8:28pm: Oxford's Wright has an emotionless pulling-the-legs-off-a-crane-fly quality.

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