Wednesday, 25 January 2017

So Much for Mankind.

It’s hard to stay positive when so much of the news at the moment is so very grim.

This evening, I stumbled across a video of an interview Donald Trump gave in March last year in which he stated that women “should receive some form of punishment” if they were to have an abortion if they were banned in the US. I know this subject is contentious in America, but I still found the clip chilling; how anyone can be so detached from reality to believe such a thing - even if they retracted their words soon afterwards - is beyond me.

The fact he reinstated the Reagan-era policy banning foreign aid to any organization that offers counselling on abortion or discusses it as an option on his first day in office sets the tone of his Presidency for me. That this took place days after millions marched worldwide in the name of women’s rights only reiterates how little he was listening; sadly, this is probably the tip of the iceberg.

He’s not the only white middle-aged man who’s caused my bile to rise. Piers Morgan’s recent comments on Twitter regarding the women’s march (and the rise of “rabid feminists”) and on Ewan MacGregor pulling out of an interview with him because of what he said has also got my goat. Morgan strikes me as a man who will never be called to account for the distasteful things he says and does; it doesn't seem to touch the sides. It’s no wonder he's posing with Trump in his current Twitter profile picture; it's painfully appropriate.

If by a cruel twist of fate Piers Morgan ever becomes Prime Minister, I’m leaving the country (though where I’d go would be up for discussion; Madagascar perhaps?).

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