Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Socal Calls and Self-assessments.

Today I went into London to meet up with my friend Dan for a coffee and a catch-up.

I met him in the café inside the BFI on the South Bank. The city looked cold but picturesque as I got off the tube at Embankment and crossed the Jubilee Bridge to Festival Hall. It’s a part of London that I like, despite having being close to where I did Dreamboats in town, which wasn’t my most joyous experience. Still, that’s nearly seven years ago now, and it’s good to go back there with a little mental distance.

It’s always nice to see Dan, as we share a similar temperament - as well as taste in music and comedy - and have the same opinions on the industry. He’s one of the few people on the Actor / Muso circuit who has absolutely no pretensions about it, while also being one of the most talented musicians you could meet (and I’m not even on the payroll).

After a couple of hours discussing what’s been going on for us both (and too much caffeine on my part) we went our separate ways. I stayed by the river for lunch, before catching the train back to Hitchin, to make a further dent on my tax records in time for the self-employed’s most dreaded deadline: the 31st January. Despite only doing it for a few days, I’m further ahead than I thought I’d be; with a bit of luck I can get it all finalized by the end of the week, so I can get on with writing some new material; the sooner, the better.

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