Saturday, 28 January 2017

Garden City Comedy.

Yesterday, I met Glyn briefly to go over business related to March’s Mostly Comedy at the Broadway Cinema & Theatre in Letchworth.

The gig is less than five weeks away and we’re pretty much up-to-speed. It should prove to be a nice optional extra to our Hitchin shows, with a gentle nod to our occasional  - for want of a better word - upgraded Summer Specials. Every so often, we’ve staged a version of the club at a bigger venue to wherever we were based at the time, which have always been a successful, slightly posher alternative to the usual gig. This will be the biggest room to date, in keeping with the club’s gradual growth over the last eight years, and the fact it’s in a theatre (instead of the studios and ballrooms of the past) should make for a well-earned, slick, higher-grade event.

(No pressure.)

There are a few challenges. The main one is seeing if the fact the venue has only just been reworked from a cinema into a theatre will make for enough footfall to spread word about the gig. There isn’t a reason why it shouldn’t sell, providing it’s been well-promoted, but as the space has only just been redesigned, it may not quite have the regular audience it's likely to build once the Broadway is taken into Letchworth’s heart as a live venue. We’re very early in the theatre’s first season, so there’s not as much time for the audience to grow as there would be if the gig were happening a few seasons in.

That said, everything has to start somewhere (to quote a pointless maxim). The line-up is also great, with industry stalwarts Arthur Smith and Norman Lovett on the bill; both of whom would usually sell out a Mostly on their own.

This morning we shared the trailer for March’s Letchworth gig that's been showing at the Broadway Cinema before their films for a few months. You can watch it below, as long as you click the link here to book; reading this paragraph is a legally binding contract.

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